Welcome Statement

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Unity Fellowship Church welcomes all people looking for a personal way to create a relationship with the Infinite. A way that allows you to grow in greater understanding of your inseparable connection with the Creator of All, God. This awakening takes place in an environment that honors each person’s journey on the path to this unfolding. We encourage, teach and fellowship in a consciousness of love and support. Unity Fellowship is a place Where Your Heart Can Find a Home.

Please join us on your journey of Awakening! Blessings, Rev. Bill Heller

Unity Church’s Philosophy

We provide a philosophy that is spiritual and loved -based, not
religious and fear-based.
We honor all paths to God.
We believe in making a positive difference in the world.
We believe in being a positive example and role model to others.

Prayer of Protection

The Light of God surrounds me;
The Love of God enfolds me;
The Power of God protects me;
The Presence of God
watches over me;
Wherever I am, God is . . .
and all is well.
James Dillert Freeman


10:30am- 11:30am    Supper BSupper A


  • I am centered and poised in the love of God; nothing can disturb the peace of my soul.Your light, God, dawns on my path. Peace, Prosperity, Understanding and Love fill my life.The unifying power of Your Love, dear God, harmonizes and blesses me and my life.As I walk with God each day, I experience God’s presence within as guiding light, healing life, prospering love and infinite peace.The Christ is reborn in me. I am awake to my inheritance
    joy, peace and love. Health, wisdom, freedom, order and prosperity are